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Friday, January 28, 2011

Pyro's Wold: The Mushrooms

Pyro's Wold: The Mushrooms

I'd encourage anyone who gets a chance to climb, hike, or just hang out with Pyro to take the opportunity... truly a special soul and a brother in arms. Great video of an adventure just off the beaten path in the steep hill contry of WV.

Amazingly enough, while the WV Wilderness coalition is fighting to create a wilderness in the middle of pricvate plots and in sight of a quarry, a major city, and two highways, none of the wild, rugged terrain you see in this video will fll inside that protection. Wilderness designation will, however, eliminate climbers' ability to install safe top anchors for rappel, forcing climbers to use trees for anchors, gradually eroding the fragile soils around their bases, damaging the roots and leaving rope burns or scattered loops of abandoned webbing in the backcountry. Designation also eliminates much of the N. Fork trail for use by Mountain Bike enthusiasts, and thereby removes thousands of dollars from the local economy in spending and sales taxes, all while leaving truly deserving settings like the one you see in this video unprotected.

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