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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Disassembling a Life

Taking a break from packing and sorting, winnowing away the excess to prepare for new voyages.

Long day yesterday between these final preparations and spending a few hours working on a friend's house til 11 pm last night.

Crappy crag day earlier this week- twisted the ankle I had sprained three days before just minutes after getting out of the car at the Entrance Walls. Resigned to remain earthbound, I did trailwork while Pat led an "interesting" variant of my line "Raindancer and Cindy B styled the TR and gear cleanup as always. Trying to remain on the Path is hard, some days, absorbed in thoughts of deterioration and the bitter spite of fair-weather acquaintances.

Raindrops heralded the first notes from the fat lady, and we headed home to watch the storms.

Putting all of this into some sort of shape... more later.


  1. Hey brotherman
    We must have literaly passed each other in transit today. I went over to Wv to see dad and ended up talking him into going up the Haven today. While I was their im sad to say I saw a bolt and hanger gooblin goobling up the bolts and hangers That some just plain Dumb Ass Had tried to stick in the hungry rock. He was an evil looking troll and keep saying things like dam idiots pecker head and did you mother have childern that lived. Took my dsd up also and her had a blast. Then took him down through the canyon and showed him eagle and reeds and then he got tired and wanted to go home because he was hungry. I;m glad that you guys are on the road for the great adventure.
    Love ya Brother

    PS that troll got 8 hangers, I will post pics for the worst ones

  2. Dude- If yer gonna chop bad routes/bolts/hangers, don't play around... stand up proud and take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Explain why it was bad, what the process of deciding to remove said hardware entailed, and where EXACTLY the crap was.

    And understand.... you will NEVER be cool or popular for doing this, no matter what tragedy you may have prevented or how great your fan base in other matters may be.


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