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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Voyages, Old Dreams

Right now, the fire is flickering out. Jamie is scribbling in his new journal, or answering one of a thousand final questions. The LSC crew is likely asleep or close to it, except for Katie.

They will rise in the morning, before dawn, and run north and east through the sleeping mountains that have so enjoyed their presence fo the last six days. In their stay they have climbed new troutes and discovered new depths and stren gths inside themselves. They questioned and listened, worked and played and renminded an old man of what community looks like. In the process, they changed the face of a small corner of West Virginia rock climbing.

Jamie Struck is an amazing climber, instructor, and person. I do not call him sensei purely out of jest. It has been and continues to be a shared journey of lessons and discoveries.

MOre later, but for now- my deepest thanks, to Jamie and the LSC Crew, to Pyro Pat for pasta and service above and beyond and Speyburn and to Cindy for amazing work on all aspects of hosting a crew of lions.

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