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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back in the Hole.

The Power Couple spent yesterday hiking and snapping pics of assorted crags before snatching out packs and heading up Reed's Creek to enjoy some stretches and pulls on a sweet new line, Mike Stewart and Company's "Rain", a new 5.9 at the right end of The Reach.

Relaxed later with our buddy Mike D, enjoyed some fine music we'd carried away from our visit to the Purple Fiddle in Davis, WV on our first night back in town.

Up and out early this morning to count bolts and snap more pics, with the river high and the air much cooler than Thursday's mid-80s. Amazing flood debris piled high among the boulders and buds pushing from the tip of every branch. Cindy and I dodge drops as we eyeball lines and try to spot bolts amid poison ivy and tree branches.

Back at the Casa D now with my lovely wife cleaning and sorting gear and a couple of plates of leftover megaburritos from Hellbender Burritos.

Inbound LSC students and good weather for the weekend... life looks good.

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