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Saturday, March 24, 2012

You all might have noticed a storm front crossing the country as a massive cold system moved west to east. It is no coincidence that at exactly the same time that a certain little blue truck began moving east from the gates of Joshua Tree

-racing across the California and arizona deserts ahead of the storm that would dump a foot of snow on the Superstitions three days later, almost burying the base camp of Ronin and Mrs. Pinkpants.

(Truth be told, we were ready for a break after two days of incredible climbing in the Troll Hut in North Devils' Canyon-

-but a foot of snow per day with more on the way was a bit much.)

Forecasts led us led us to bail, moving south towards the Western Stronghold and Tucson.

In seventy-two hours, we crossed New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and half of Virginia, to arrive in the Shenandoah Valley exactly three days after setting out.

Two days of seclusion and decompression have released all the karmic angst and left us ready to get after it, with apologies to anyone we might have left out of the loop. Sooo... don't be surprised to see plates from points west... Just sayin' :)

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