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Monday, January 14, 2013

Boulder Creek Exploration and Clean-up Hike

Cindy and I decided to explore our surroundings a bit more, and found ourselves up the creek without a paddle... but with a great many things of interest for future climbing and hiking, as well as history and scenic beauty!

We set out from the lower parking lot about noon, and soon found ourselves shedding jackets and hats as the temps in the sheltered creekbed soared into the upper 70s.

Cindy is dwarfed by formations along the outlet of Boulder Creek.

Another day in the field makes for a happy Cindy!


V4 traverse- a sloping rail on polished rock with next to no feet and a long slap to a sharp bucket. 
Crags, about thirty minutes' hike from camp.  No sign of prior development.

Midian, probably an old vent.

Cindy, exploring her new retirement home, the Boulder Cave!

Insane free-standing fin of dacite/rhyolite.  Over 80 feet tall, this formation is less than 20 feet thick at the base.

"And over here, our guest loft..."

The Three-Acre Geode

Cindy Gray, trying hard to to lose it and simply run screaming down the creek at the sight of geodes EVERYWHERE!!!

"Not my size... But a nice shade of purple!"

Cindy with the final take of trash; 2 bags.

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