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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Ronin Looks at 50

Mother mother mountain
you have seen it all
wanted to climb
your stony reaches
since I was just three feet tall

You've seen it all...
you've seen it all.

Watched the crowds who climb you
go from outcasts to mainstream
without a clue of your hidden treasures
your forests and your valleys and streams
livin' the dream, just living the dream

Yes I am a ronin
four hundred years too late
The world's gone crazy
the climbing crowd is lazy
I'm the pioneer they all love to hate,
Cuz their egos got bent
one hundred fifty first ascents!

And I have been climbing
for over thirty years
aided, drilled and fallen
been through lots of tears and beers
But my ass has been draggin'
Gotta go craggin'
Get back to the source again
With just a few friends
just a few friends...

Mother mother mountain
After all my years I've found
that the dreams I've chased
across a thousand faces
were all answered back down here on the ground
Sometimes things come around
Things come around...

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