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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And so with Castles Made of Sand...

Fled the heat of Secret Crag #7 for the shade and close proximity of the river to be found at the Entrance Walls.

With so much rock and so few routes, we took on a new line or three...

The green and surprisingly steep start of "Castles Made of Sand".  The big detached block at the bottom later became part of the trail edging below the route.

Looking up the short, STEEP Sandcastle Arete... three bolts of fun to come.

Wall base in pristine condition- debris, spiders, stinging nettles, poison ivy, and plenty of loose rock.

The view from the top: beginning the bolting rappel.

Paleface- this short tower front the road.  Line comes up from under the roof right and heads through big holds above.

The loverly Miss Cindy, keepin' us hydrated on a 90 degree day.. and looking FINE!

In  the end, we ran out of hardware long before we ran out of rock.  Working toward an order of bolts and hangers, for now, and looking forward to creating more short, fun lines along the river.  

So glad everyone is convinced that New River and Seneca Rocks are the only worthwhile climbing in West Virginia!

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