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Friday, July 26, 2013

Forward- The Day of the Raids

Meth is rampant in Washington State.
Drunk driving is rampant in Washington State.
Political corruption is rampant in Washington State.
Police corruption is rampant in Washington State.
The taxpayers spoke and do you know what the cops of Washington and of Washington, DC said to us?:Fuck you. We do what we want.
The last I heard, cops were supposed to be public servants.
The taxpayers spoke and do you know what the doctors said to us about obtaining our meds: Fuck you. Do it MY way or suffer. 
The taxpayers spoke and the politicians said to us: Fuck you. We will do whatever we want to you whenever we want-with YOUR tax money.
Marijuana-Fist9How did the citizens of Washington State get this way? Complacent with being abused? Complacent with being told how to live?
Complacent with having their own tax dollars used against them?
How many people think that the politicians are going to create the jobs needed to get Washington State back on track by January 1, 2014?
The politicians can’t create any jobs while the taxes from our disability and unemployment checks go to pay their salaries. They’ve shipped our jobs away and refuse to replace them.
So when we try to survive by being healthier with MMJ they STILL try to shut us down.
They are wrong and they have to go.
Then we have the corrupt dispensary owners who turn on their neighboring dispensaries because of greed. They don’t give a shit about their patients.
At the top of all of this are the fake patient advocates who have been pretending to be friends with the patients in order to collect data that is used to deprive them of their medicines — to make them suffer.
When people cannot have their chronic pain medications or end-of-life medications they become angry, depressed, and bedridden.
When people cannot have their meds, they cannot work, properly raise their kids, help their elders, help their churches, or fight for social justice; this is exactly what the politicians want in order to stay in power.
How dare these people try to take away our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
Washington citizens are retreating into booze, prescription pain meds, and methamphetamine at astonishing rates.
How do these people sleep at night knowing that their perverse need to control other peoples’ lives is ruining entire cities?
It’s time for these people to go. It’s time to call the special election necessary to relieve these people of their jobs.
In the meantime, this is what you do:
Start having neighborhood meetings. Learn to grow your own. Rely only on word-of-mouth referrals and trusted sources.
Find every journalist and alternative media outlet you can and scream off the rooftops what has been done to you. Drop any doctor that has supported this nonsense in favor of pro-mmj doctors.
File Referendum Measure petitions. The last day is July 27, 2013.
The citizens of Washington State did everything that was asked of them and were knifed in the back.
Now go underground, increase your numbers, make a plan of attack, and come back out swinging. 
Put them ALL out of work in 2014. They must have forgotten that the citizens outnumber the cops and politicians.
It is now time to remind them.
~ Anna Dawn Garland
• • • • • • • • •
Editor’s note: This post was taken from Steve Elliott's Weedblog at tokesignals.com  Dispensaries across the Puget Sound area were raided by federal DEA agents on July 24.

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