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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Doin's

Weddings, anniversaries, and the birth of a grandchild.

Shelby sez :"No more paparazzi!"

Big man, tiny bottle...

"I tire of all this.... I'll be in my trailer!"

"Look.. a brand-new little rock climber.  Drink your Muscle Milk, sweetie, cuz you're gonna kick Sasha's DiGuiliani's tiny tail, some day..."

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Makin' the Scene

We showed up at Secret Crag #7 to find three cars from 3 different states.  Up the hill, we found friends and newcomers, all enjoying a day among the forest and hills and mountains of West Virginia's Pendleton County.

Alex on "Thieves in the Temple"

Synchronized sending

Simon Moore between jugs on "Gypsies"

Dueling shredders

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Drug War was NEVER a War on Drugs: Restore American Farms and Businesses- Restore Hemp!

Re-posted from www.hemp.org

The US Government gave farmers permits to grow hemp/marihuana for fiber during World War 2. 

They called the fiber field 'marihuana.' 

The reason hemp, or marijuana, was prohibited in the 20th century was to suppress hemp fuel and fiber production. 

Hemp seeds make biodiesel fuel. Hemp biomass makes ethanol. Hemp makes more biofuel than any other plant. 

Hemp produces more fiber than any other plant. There are two types of fiber in a marijuana stalk or stem, the bast fiber, which is the outer bark, and the hurd fiber, or the inner woody core. 

According to the US Department of Agriculture's Bulletin 404, a waste product from making canvas, rope,lace and linen from hemp bast fiber, this hemp hurd fiber alone, makes over 4 times more paper than trees. Hemp paper is acid free, for a long shelf life, and produced without toxic chemicals. 

According to Washington State University's Wood Sciences Lab, hemp fiber board is stronger than steel. 

When we allow farmers to grow hemp for its best fuel attributes, regardless of THC content, we will realign our whole economic system by replacing fossil fuel with biofuel. 

Hemp fuel and fiber are inexpensive to make and naturally decentralized. 

Small groups of people created the marijuana myth so they could profit from the expensive, capital intensive petrochemical alternatives that dominate our political process and economy today. Hemp will decentralize our economic system and return wealth and control to the majority. 

Cannabis and hemp were renamed marijuana in the early part of the 20th Century in a misinformation campaign designed by and to benefit the petrochemical pharmaceutical military industrial transnational corporate elite fascist ruling class. 

We don't need to fight wars for oil because our farmers can produce a superior product. 

Drugs are a smokescreen. Cannabis prohibition has always been about money, power and the centralization of economic and political control. It is really an issue of economic and social justice. 

Please work for and support global cannabis freedom: restore hemp! -