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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

There but for the grace of God...

Absolutely astounding and heartbreaking to be reminded of just how much more people care about dogs and cats being left outside than the homeless, who are all "bums", "dope heads", losers, drunks, sex perverts and welfare leeches. 

Most of them are VETS, as in the men and women who put their lives o the line and served this country to defend YOUR rights. They are out in the streets because of how badly being ordered to kill women and children to defend the price of oil messed them up, because they alone survived being blown up by an IED while on patrol, or because they were subjected to incredible abuse or rape by toxic commanders who couldn't make it anywhere they didn't get paid to scream at kids in their underwear.... Not one of these is their fault... many of them joined believing they could better themselves, or trying to become part of a proud tradition, not a forgotten generation misunderstood and put down by their own families and countrymen.

So many folks love police dogs who do what they do because they are TRAINED AND ORDERED TO DO SO, while bragging that they walk right by someone who did their best to be a true American patriot. 

Remind me again about that dog that cured a disease, wrote an inspiring book, painted a magnificent canvas or carved an inspiring sculpture, who led an army, founded schools and hospitals, or fought (of their own free will, not because they had been trained to do so) to keep this country free. When a society cares more about its pets and its politics than its members, you can see the end from there...

This country seems to support the troops right up to the point that they come home as broken individuals, then it's "Nothing to see here... just some dopehead bum who is waiting for his next Obamacare check."

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