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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Silver Lining

After a long week of framing and construction on the banks of the Shenandoah with my friend and long-time climbing partner Mike Fisher, I rendezvoused with Miss Pink Pants, aka my wife Cindy, in Harrisonburg, Virginia on Friday, to visit with some friends and enjoy what is normally a solitary two-hour ride home, together, instead.  We sipped cold ones and shot some photos and would through the Alleghenies.  

Saturday was errands and chores, running and then not much else, save hiding from the heat and humidity and recuperating. recharging the batteries for a bit of red pointing on Sunday.

We lit out with fishing gear and ropes and racks early Sunday morning, and were at the wall before morning services let out.  A little water, a little stretching, and it was a done deal.

My Silver Lining, 5.7+, 5 bolts, chain and quick link anchors, 45 feet.
Darkside, Long Branch, Smoke Hole Canyon

Down at the car we grubbed, then headed for the Entrance Walls, where I did trailwork; cutting clear a fallen log while Cindy reduced the number of trout in the South Branch of the Potomac.

Later, we toasted the new line and a great day over cold brews and home-made chicken alfredo pizza.

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