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Friday, October 31, 2014


A long month and ten days of work and travel, prepping for our Halloween Trail Daze and, this weekend, moving households, right in the middle of those event preparations.
In addition, Owlfeather Productions LLC is now a licensed business, new T-shirts and other goodies are in, and we've moved forward with starting a shuttle service for Reed's Creek, Smoke Hole, Dolly Sods and other local points of activity or interest, with service to Franklin, Seneca Rocks and Petersburg, WV.
Crazy whirlwind world, lots going on, but in the midst, I'd like to take a breath and say:
The new guides are inbound!  
We'll be starting to mail them out within the next two weeks or so, so watch your mailboxes, and watch this page for the announcement of where and when we will have the release event! 
 Thanks to you all for your support and patience- it's been great getting to meet some of you, "out and about", and I look forward to seeing more of you once you have the guides in hand. 
New route info, corrections and addendum items will be added to a " Guide Corrections and Updates" page on this site.
Have a great All Hallow's Eve, 

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