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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Access Fund, Where the F*ck are YOU?

Does anyone besides me find it very, very interesting that the Access Fund hasn't sponsored dozens of ads with climbing celebrities in an effort to derail this bill?

In fact, I haven't heard of a single climbing celebrity speaking out on this- nothing from Bobbi Bensman, Beth Rodden, Tommy Caldwell, Robyn Erbesfield, Alison Osius, Mike Pont, Boone Speed, Conrad "Climate Change" Anker, or any of the dozens of other well-known climbers who have put their faces in ads and promotions for the Access Fund, many of whom have also climbed and competed in Queen Creek and the Bouldering Competitions.

Not a peep from the two most powerful names in climbing, Lynn Hill and Chris Sharma.

And yet no one else seems to find this peculiar.  No one is calling the Access Fund out on their silence and absence of action.

I'm calling on Brady Robinson, Joe Sambataro and the rest of the AF-

You have allowed a cretin and his employees to endanger and ruin access here in the Panhandle of WV, letting him remain in place as your Regional Access Coordinator when he has indicated no interest in coordinating anything more complex than a bowel movement, much less sustaining local access.

If you haven't been bought off by Rio Tinto, if your really are more than just a glorified Facebook page and social club for dog owners who climb, then you need to get into the fight in Arizona. Curt is a good man, and Manuel R is another, but they are vastly outgunned and outnumbered, and you know it....

Just as you've known it for the decade you have been handling this fight with kid gloves.

You won't fight to stop the President and Congress from giving away climbing... why are climbers, your members, supposed to believe you will make any further effort on their behalf in any other fight, anywhere else?

Just how much did you get paid?

Prove the truth, one way or another; put up or shut up, and get ready for me to start sharing emails that I know you don't want your members to see, regarding our little situation here in the East.

Your continued silence will be taken as an admission of guilt.

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