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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Saving Oak Flat, the Petition

So, now that the Flat and much of Apache Leap and Devils Canyon has been given to foreign miners who supply peaceful nations like Iran with parts for their reactors, we will go hat in hand to the distinguished gentleman on Pennsylvania Avenue, who tried to whitewash (so to speak) his treachery by giving Bristol Bay protection

(after watching Keystone slide right through Congress like a Happy Meal and then personally going to the Hill to whip the Spending Bill through when Democrats reacted to the level of pork and unrelated riders in a defense bill)

who just denied Washington, D.C. voters the legalization they demanded, but de-funded the DEA's ability to raid pharmacies or arrest patients

(Which pretty much continues the war on those folks who are marching outside his windows demanding justice and respect from the police.)

No matter what the advocates tell you is a victory, don't suck up crumbs and call it a feast, kids... that's how we, your older peers, let this whole mess slide too far over the edge in the first place, 'k?

Here, however, is the link to the petition.

Stop the Apache Land Grab

Sign it, share it.

Speak out, even if you don't believe in the system.

Make it known that you stood with the planet and the people, not the corporations and their sell-out politicians.

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