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Monday, January 12, 2015

Check it out, share and support a disabled EMT and Nurse

Owlfeather Jewelry and Crafts is the creative page of Cindy Gray.

You can find her incredible and inspiring story here

Supporting this site is giving a helping hand to a lady who has given and continues to give to so many people in so many ways; climbers, travelers, homeless families, veterans, seniors... Cindy has reached out to touch them all in the years of her life.

She can be reached via email at owleyes61@yahoo.com for any questions or comments.

All items are reduced for spring, with a lot of new designs and items coming soon, so keep checking in!

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  1. We read Cindy's story, and it touched our hearts. It's hard to imagine all she's been through in her young life. We love you, Cindy. We're so thankful to have you in our family. We are sending you a BIG order for your beautiful jewelry to add to the pieces we already have!


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