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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Designate Oak Flat a National Monument

Sign the Petition to protect OAK FLAT, ARIZONA 

Oak Flat located 2 miles East of Superior, AZ is the 2nd largest riparian
area in the US and needs to be protected from the
devastation of copper mining proposed by Rio Tinto, a foreign mega-mining company whose headquarters are in the UK and Australia.


All the copper extracted from Arizona will be leaving to go to Australia, Iran and China. 


The land is also a federally protected and sacred area to
the Apache Nation, managed by the Bureau of Land Management 
and the San Carlos Tribe and should never have been allowed to be
mined on. This land grab was done through a rider in the 'National
Defense Authorization Act 'which was renewed in December 2014 by

The San Carlos Apache Nation was moved to Miami, Arizona, then to the San Carlos Apache Reservation and now again a federal protected
tribe is being asked to leave Oak Flat, Arizona, Sacred Home of
the San Carlos Apaches. The proposed mining would virtually
stop all access to the sacred springs and Ceremonial Grounds.


This area is the second largest riparian area in the
country. Pristine areas and a fragile ecosystem  would
be forever desecrated by the implosion caused from the mining extraction process and it would leach into the water.


The Confederacy of the Six Nations which had been practiced
for over 800 years is the longest living democracy on earth.
It was incorporated into our government by Thomas Jefferson
and Benjamin Franklin to establish a new government for the
liberty and happiness of all people. 

Isn't it time we incorporate these measure of democracy of
the Sacred Tree and uphold the promises made to the First
Nations, the Native Americans, so we can all live in harmony with
natural laws for the benefit of all of our relations. 


The 'National Defense Authorization Act' that was introduced
in December 2014 needs to be revoked to support the very
energy resources we are protecting. This is why the First Nations
and in this case, the San Carlos Apache have been care
taking this land for all people and future generations.  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

An American Battle Cry- the documentary the Access Fund isn't talking about...

Ezekial Kelly and a group of film makers are trying to change history, with their production of An American Battle Cry

Looking south, from the power station, towards Apache Leap and Oak Flat Campground

The filmmakers are doing this against the wishes of the President and Congress, and without any visible support, so far, from the advocates who claim to be the voice of climbers; "built by climbers, for climbers".

Those would be the same fund-raising, enormo-casting advocates who claim to be strongly aligned with the San Carlos Apache tribes and the Arizona Mining Reform Coalition, although there is also no evidence of that support, either. One glaring example is the fact that their Campaigns page is two years out of date on the issue of Oak Flat.

These are the same advocates who allowed EIGHT years of Resolution shenanigans to pass before appointing a full-time rep to take part in the Oak Flat fight.

(And don't get me wrong: Curt is a good man in a tight spot, undoubtedly the best representation you and I could hope for, certainly better than having the Golden Boy come down from Boulder to negotiate between press releases. But even as cool and determined and gnarly as the pebble-wrestling champion of the internet forums may be, Mister Shannon can't turn back time and erase the multitude of mistakes made by the AF and feuding locals.)

So..... don't wait on their cues, or follow their lead... we don't have another eight years.

Support the project, share the link, speak out and call the advocates on their lack of participation. Ask Brady and the Boys why we have seen not a single AF sign or spokeman in, or Af webpage article/statement on, any demonstration regarding Oak Flat.

The crag you save may be your own.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Desert Winter

Running up the fun 5.3 on the Boy Scout Wall. Later, Rich would remind me that I had recommended developing the area to him in the first place.

Good idea, Mike...

Miss PinkPants sends!
After almost four months off rock, Cindy came back strong and had fun all day on the ultra-quality pocketed volcanic stone of Wind Ridge.

Two old guys, somewhere on Wind Ridge, above the Wash Trail leading to Northern Devils Canyon

Southern Cross boulder, far rim of the canyon, seen through the gap between towers in the East Wall of the Troll Hut

Rich LeMal; Mesa hardman, enthusiastic fisherman, Sunday school teacher, and early route developer of Apache Leap and Devil's Canyon, pulling into the overhanging jugfest of Resolution, a 5.9+ Cindy and I left in our wake in the Troll Hut, a little climbing area perched on the western rim of Northern Devil's Canyon.

Witness Protection Program Group Photo. End of the day on the Troll Hut trail. Thanks again to Rich LeMal for coming out to meet, camp and climb with us.

See you next trip!