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Saturday, February 21, 2015

An American Battle Cry- the documentary the Access Fund isn't talking about...

Ezekial Kelly and a group of film makers are trying to change history, with their production of An American Battle Cry

Looking south, from the power station, towards Apache Leap and Oak Flat Campground

The filmmakers are doing this against the wishes of the President and Congress, and without any visible support, so far, from the advocates who claim to be the voice of climbers; "built by climbers, for climbers".

Those would be the same fund-raising, enormo-casting advocates who claim to be strongly aligned with the San Carlos Apache tribes and the Arizona Mining Reform Coalition, although there is also no evidence of that support, either. One glaring example is the fact that their Campaigns page is two years out of date on the issue of Oak Flat.

These are the same advocates who allowed EIGHT years of Resolution shenanigans to pass before appointing a full-time rep to take part in the Oak Flat fight.

(And don't get me wrong: Curt is a good man in a tight spot, undoubtedly the best representation you and I could hope for, certainly better than having the Golden Boy come down from Boulder to negotiate between press releases. But even as cool and determined and gnarly as the pebble-wrestling champion of the internet forums may be, Mister Shannon can't turn back time and erase the multitude of mistakes made by the AF and feuding locals.)

So..... don't wait on their cues, or follow their lead... we don't have another eight years.

Support the project, share the link, speak out and call the advocates on their lack of participation. Ask Brady and the Boys why we have seen not a single AF sign or spokeman in, or Af webpage article/statement on, any demonstration regarding Oak Flat.

The crag you save may be your own.

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