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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Desert Winter

Running up the fun 5.3 on the Boy Scout Wall. Later, Rich would remind me that I had recommended developing the area to him in the first place.

Good idea, Mike...

Miss PinkPants sends!
After almost four months off rock, Cindy came back strong and had fun all day on the ultra-quality pocketed volcanic stone of Wind Ridge.

Two old guys, somewhere on Wind Ridge, above the Wash Trail leading to Northern Devils Canyon

Southern Cross boulder, far rim of the canyon, seen through the gap between towers in the East Wall of the Troll Hut

Rich LeMal; Mesa hardman, enthusiastic fisherman, Sunday school teacher, and early route developer of Apache Leap and Devil's Canyon, pulling into the overhanging jugfest of Resolution, a 5.9+ Cindy and I left in our wake in the Troll Hut, a little climbing area perched on the western rim of Northern Devil's Canyon.

Witness Protection Program Group Photo. End of the day on the Troll Hut trail. Thanks again to Rich LeMal for coming out to meet, camp and climb with us.

See you next trip!

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