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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Credit Where Credit is Due

Curt Shannon, Manuel Rangel, and a score of other Arizona climbers have been involved in the development and exploration of Arizona rock climbing for almost as long as there has been Arizona rock climbing.
Curt is also known for his wit and insight on the climbing forums of the internet.
Curt was with the San Carlos and other hikers on the day the Oak Flat Occupation began (Feb 7), following a 44 mile hike from the San Carlos Reservation, along with Tony Cadorin, Chara Price, Manny Rangel, Lucas Anaya and Sandra Widmer from the CCA, and climbers from both the SACA and CASA of Tucson. Curt was in attendance at the "All Nations Spiritual Gathering" on Feb 21st at Oak Flat, and last Saturday (during the Adopt-A-Crag event) Curt spoke with Roger Featherstone of the AZ Mining Reform Coalition.
Curt is also leading Access Fund efforts to support the fight for Queen Creek and Oak Flat, while Manny, as well as the rest of the CCA and climbers across America, are preparing for what I believe is the Second Oak Flats Bouldering Competition, a great tradition returning after a decade in hiatus, coming up this weekend, the 21st.
Anyone who has read enough of my posts here and on Facebook knows that I have repeatedly credited Curt and Manny for their efforts, but the Devil is ever in the details for the boys up in Boulder, and they are so easily offended, especially by the honest opinions of keen observers.
This news is brought to you as a service of the Potomac Highlands Anchor Replacement /Upgrade Program...
...because while the Access Fund will use Curt and Manny and the efforts of the CCA as a bragging point and as a defense for complete silence and lack of involvement by the better-known faces in the national office, they have not seen fit to post this information as News on their own page, for their dues-paying members.
The Access Fund can team up with a corporate partner to produce a documentary with almost every famous climber they could lay hands on for support of "The Pact".
(Taking responsibility for the places you climb... hmmm... that sounds familiar, now doesn't it? Wonder where they got that idea? Maybe from Mike Gray? Like the idea of a traveling trail work team, which they started after a decade of Mike posting about doing trail work on the road? Of course, Mike didn't sell Jeeps while occasionally preventing impact, but why quibble?)
However, in the midst of their belated morality, the Fund and partner Black Diamond, which manufactures portions of its climbing gear in China, did not, oddly enough, feel it necessary to have those climbers speak for ten seconds on the fight to save Oak Flat from being given to the largest and wealthiest mining company on earth, Resolution Copper Mining.

Of course, they have Curt Shannon on the job, the climber who, as far as I know, did not complete the first free ascent of the Nose, or the Dawn Wall, or free solo the Moonlight Buttress or Half Dome, who did not make a solo winter ascent of the Eiger or Devil's Thumb or Denali, has not been freeing lines in Norway or on Baffin or down in Thailand with Jim Waugh, has never had his picture on the cover of Climbing, Rock and Ice or The Alpinist, and has never been the focus of an Enormocast, so you can understand why the Access Fund feels no need to show any further support for the Occupation or rallying of the troops for anything more important than watching Brady climb with Bobbi Bensman's store-bought breasts for 24 hours.

In fact, I don't understand why Obama hasn't already repealed the NDAA, replaced Joe Biden with Curt, and resigned as President, with a powerhouse celebrity like this confronting him.

Completely by coincidence, once they have destroyed Oak Flat, filled Queen Valley with toxic mine tailings and pumped the unrefined ore slurry to Mexico, Resolution will be selling their free copper to...

wait for it...



Things that make you go hmmm.....

Again, thank you, to Brady Robinson, for the inspiration, to Curt Shannon, for defending the Access Fund and Oak Flat, and to Manuel Rangel, for banners and so much more, to Roy Chavez of Superior, Arizona for water, shuttle services, and wisdom in a time of need, to Azanna S Az Jeffrey for showers and a bed, and to the brothers and elders and ladies of the Occupation, and all the dedicated climbers, environmentalists and children of the earth who did not sell out and will not give in, I say: never give up the fight

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