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Friday, October 14, 2016

Election 2016, or, Alien vs Predator- No Matter Who Wins, We Lose

Last word on this-

If you vote in this election, you lose.

If you do not vote in this election, you lose.

If you vote for Hillary, you are saying you support lobbyists and Wall Street owning our government, that you support lifetime bureaucratic-political careers and the sale of America's resources and political future to China and other peace-loving pro-democracy nations. 

You're saying that you shouldn't divorce your cheating husband if it advances your political career, and should in fact join him in selling out our country, while defending rapists and dehumanizing their victims.

You are admitting that you are gullible enough to think that anyone who is giving inspirational presentations to Wall Street and big corporations for millions of dollars a pop has any concept of how you live or the struggles you go through to pay your bills and feed yourself, never mind those you love.

You're telling our soldiers that it is okay for their leaders to be clueless and apathetic while our overseas personnel die at the hands of terrorists, when they could be saved by a single phone call, and that it is okay to have trained and supplied those terrorists for decades.

You're saying pantsuits are actually fashion.

If, on the other hand, you vote for Donald Trump, you're saying it is acceptable to be profane, vulgar, disrespectful and downright aggressive to women, which is funny, when you think of just how many of Trump's supporters were all about the transgender bathroom law.

Now you have a man who has assaulted women sexually (as in: against their wishes and/or without their consent), and you want to put him in the White House? 

(By the way, if you have never been in a locker room, that is not 'locker room talk'. That was nasty, degrading ignorance put into words. Talking like that in most locker rooms will earn you a punch in the mouth.)

You're telling the world that you are fine with a man who is a fan of the dictator who rules Russia with a bloody iron fist, a man that, like Putin, is prepared to commit war crimes or order our military to do so.

(At which point Don will retire to a comfy room in Gitmo, or his supporters will learn a bitter lesson about the true depths of our military's honor and commitment to preserving the Constitution.)

What would make America great again is a man who would hand out nukes like Christmas candy to some of the most unstable governments in the world, ideologically? 

A man who would suspend our right to free speech if it is aimed at him? 

A man who said that he has nothing to confess to God, and that sleeping around in the 70s was the equivalent of serving in Viet Nam? 

How could you scream about Obama's disrespect of veterans for eight years and swallow that bile with a grin? 

How do you expect fiscal responsibility and progress from a man who cannot keep casinos solvent (casinos; you know, where the house always wins?), even with a strip bar inside?

(A strip bar, also known as a place where men actually pay more not to sleep with women and where money pours like rain from heaven.)

You're also saying that combovers and spray-on tans are cool.

(Yes I did say more about him- he offends me much more deeply, since I am a man and he is a simian approximation.)

I've been to Colorado and seen what it is like there, and this is nothing like that, so I have to ask-

What are you people smoking?

Can you really believe that Susan B. Anthony, Jesus, The Founding Fathers, Lincoln, or anyone with a working set of frontal lobes would want either of these complete failures as humans anywhere near the White House?

Even if you choose to vote for a independent candidate like Gary Johnson, you are voting for someone who will not be allowed to win. The two major parties have already shown themselves capable of as many dirty tricks as could be imagined to battle each other- combined, their attacks would be insurmountable. 

And, of course, if you wisely choose not to vote, your choices will be made by the incredibly divided and partisan masses, swirling around the gene pool on their little rubber horses, just waiting for November and a chance to 'Put A Woman Where She Really Belongs' or 'Make America Great Again', neither of which is going to happen.

As I have said- no winning. 

Not even for me. 

After all, it's not much fun saying "I told you so" from inside the blast radius.

Election 2016: We're screwed.

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