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Saturday, February 25, 2017


During the campaign, #45 said that he would respect the rights of the states to pass cannabis laws, would respect the laws they had passed regarding cannabis production, possession and consumption.
Had he not done so, #45 might not have enjoyed the huge 44% of the vote which swept him into the White House, since his opponent had also voiced a position of moderation.

That, of course, was before; this is after, and "respect " obviously has the same sort of alternative definition that so many of the other words in #45's world possess.

So sad, watching the denial and the step-by-step encroachment of rights, the loss of decades of progress on the environment and the aggressive disdain with which any expression of dismay or voice of moderation can expect to be met.

Will the juvenile, empty justification that "The Left did it, too!" be the epithaph of our entire nation, and the chauvanistic cry of "My country and screw the world" be the defining legacy of our culture?

We were better than that, once.

I never accepted the liberal perchant for blame beyond the elections, and I refuse to overlook it coming from a destructive regime which is, in my opinion, nothing short of an oligarchy in the making. I refuse to shirk my own portion of the blame, for I sat back and refused to participate in a game in which I did not believe.

I cannot say that the people who have voted since the Johnson administration have fared any better, though.

No one will tell me that #45 was their first choice, just that he was all that remained of the Grand Old Parody and was infinitely less distasteful than Mrs. Pantsuit.

So now the die is cast, and we have no way but forward, into war; abroad, and in our homes, our hearts, our minds.

Into war, for make no mistake, this fool loves war; whether empowering the jihad while securing the oil supplies of 'Merica by killing civilians in the name of God and patriotism, or just breaking promises, shattering communities and eradicating businesses and jobs while securing the profit margins of his campaign contributors and business partners.

(OH, right, this guy was going to be so good for business, I keep forgetting that watching reality unfold.)

This is a war on children with seizures and their families, a war on the seniors who built this proud nation that is crumbling around us, on decorated military veterans who lost comrades and gave up their youth to fight for something bigger than themselves that is being sold by the day at cut-rate prices.

This is a war on disabled citizens and the Constitution, a war on your right to choose, to refuse narcotics.

Black tar heroin and meth are once again filling the streets of the south and destroying the promise of communities, poisoning the youth and shattering lives.
Neither of those is creating jobs, increasing opportunities, empowering communities or easing the suffering of American citizens.

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